Wolf OR7 Sires Pups in Oregon’s Cascade Mountains

One of Wolf OR7’s 2014 pups. Photo source: USFWS.

One of Wolf OR7’s 2014 pups. Photo source: USFWS.

Biologists from the US Fish and Wildlife Service and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife have confirmed that Wolf OR7 and his mate have produced a litter of at least two pups in the Cascade Mountains of southwest Oregon.

Wolf OR7. Photo source: USFWS.

Wolf OR7. Photo source: USFWS.

OR-7 was born into the Imnaha pack in northeast Oregon in April, 2009.  He was collared by ODFW on February 25, 2011.  He left his natal pack in September of 2011 and wandered over 3,000 miles — into northern California and back — in search of a mate.  In early May, biologists found evidence OR7 might have finally succeeded — remote cameras captured images of a black female wolf in the same area as OR7.

This is the first known litter of pups in the region since the mid-1940s.  Oregon has a population of approximately 60 wolves, most in the northeast area of the state.

More photos of the pups are available here.

The original news release is available here.


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