Wild Wolves Settle in Kampinos National Park in Poland


A young male wolf is captured by a hidden wildlife camera in Kampinos National Park in Poland. (Source: Kampinoski Park Narodowy)

In Kampinos National Park, near Warsaw, Poland, park employees are seeing signs of the first wolves to settle there since the country wiped out the park’s wolf population in 1964 via a government-sponsored hunt.  The wolf has been on Poland’s list of endangered species since the 1990s, and have resettled some areas; there are currently approximately 1,000 wolves in Poland.

Wolves have been spotted in Kampinos off and on since 2013, but appeared to be just passing through.  Now, however, there appear to be several wolves in the park and they appear to have settled in.  A hidden camera recently snapped a photo of a young male wolf, and another wolf was seen drinking at a watering hole in September.

“We’re really happy,” said Magdalena Kamińska, spokeswoman for Kampinos National Park, Poland’s second largest at 150sq miles (385sq km). “The fact that wolves have returned to our park, from which they completely disappeared in the 1960s, means that nature is in good health and is renewing itself.”

Original article can be read (in Polish) here.


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