Puppies Day 23: Singing in the Rain


The puppies have progressed to being on the same nap and feeding schedule. Rather than awakening one by one, they now all awaken at the same time, demand food, wrestle with each other, then fall back asleep. They’re awake for longer stretches, but also sleep for longer stretches.

The puppies had their first opportunity to explore the outside world. The door to the outside kennel was propped open for several hours to give the pups their first experience with the sights and sounds of the great outdoors. A few pups put their paws out of the room, but it was a cold and rainy day so no one wanted to go very far.

Aspen is now the largest pup and has been nicknamed ‘Little Bear’. He’d a chunky, amiable puppy. He frequently gets bounced upon by his siblings while he sleeps but takes the assault with little but muttered protests.

Anya outdoors. Photo by Scott Allaire

Anya outdoors. Photo by Scott Allaire

Cypress remains the independent puppy. He sleeps by himself and takes longer to warm up to strangers. He initiates a lot of the wrestling games.

Máni was the health concern for a few days after someone heard him cough, but he seems fine most of the time. He’s a lively soul who is quick to explore new things. After eating, he’ll take a run around the nursery, pounce on Aspen, then fall asleep.

Cypress with ball. Photo by Scott Allaire

Cypress with ball. Photo by Scott Allaire

Anya is the explorer. She was one of the first to put her paws out the door. She comes straight up to new people to sniff them. She’s a noisy sleeper. She howls and growls in her sleep more than the others.

Sparrow with turtle. Photo by Scott Allaire

Sparrow with turtle. Photo by Scott Allaire

Sparrow remains the charmer. She has no fear of new people and gleefully scales new heights.

The puppies are receiving a huge quantity of new experiences. They’ve visited the second puppy nursery. They’ve been carried around the building and outside. They explored the surgery room. They have all had their first taste of solid food. They love their toys and are especially interested in the wolf hair which had been brought in to help them get used to the scent of strange wolves.


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