Wolves’ Birthday Party Saturday, April 20

Did you know that all wolves, foxes, and coyotes are born in spring? Our animals’ birthdays are all within a couple of weeks of each other, so we just have one big celebration! Each animal gets their own tasty, wolf-safe birthday cake to enjoy. Guests will have the chance to watch as the cakes are presented to the wolves. Each animal approaches this environmentally enriched activity with his or her own special flair.

Chetan Likes Cake TooWant to join in the fun?  You can tell our animals you think they’re special by “buying” a piece of birthday cake just for them.  Support Wolf Park with a $25 minimum donation and you will receive a 4×6 color photo of the wolf (or fox, or coyote) of your choice enjoying the treat you helped to buy them!

Click here to buy a cake for one of the animals!

You can also visit the Park in person on Saturday, April 20, from 1-5 pm (cake distribution will start around 1:30) and watch the celebrations in person.  We and the wolves thank you for your support!!

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