Wolves’ Birthday Party April 21

Saturday April 21, 2012

Wolves’ Birthday Party at Wolf Park

Open 1-5 pm

Wolf cakes will be distributed at 2 p.m.


Join Wolf Park in a birthday celebration for all 18 of our canines! The Wolf Park staff will give the animals their special birthday cakes — they’ll save a piece for you, too! — on April 21st.  Wolf Park will be open for walking tours 1-5 pm, and the animals will receive their cakes at 2 pm.  Wild canids are all born in April or May due to the timing of their annual breeding season — hence all of their birthdays are celebrated at once!

This is also an opportunity to support Wolf Park and its efforts for research, education and conservation.  Just a $25 donation gets donors a photo of their favorite animal enjoying their birthday treat.

CANINE BIRTHDAYS: April: 2nd- Willow (coyote) , 3rd- Twister (coyote), 9th- Kiri & Miska, 10th- Chetan, 12th- Ruedi, Renki, Ayla & Kailani, 16th- Wolfgang & Wotan, 18th—Devon (fox) 20th- Marion and Ember (fox), 21st- Eclipse, 27th- Dharma, May: 3rd- Tristan & Erin.

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