Wolf Struck by Car in Grundy County, IL

Bicho Out Standing on the Frozen Pond

Pictured: Bicho from Wolf Park, who is not the wolf mentioned in this article.

A “wolf like animal” found dead along Nettle School Road, a roadway north of I-80 in Grundy County, Illinois, on February 13, 2015, has been confirmed to be a gray wolf, related to those in the Great Lakes population.  The animal bore injuries consistent with having been struck by a vehicle.

“We will get a complete report in a few weeks that will tell exactly where it came from,” said Hank Frazier of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources, which had DNA tests performed on the animal for identification.

According to the University of Illinois, there have been 10 confirmed gray wolf sightings in Illinois since 2000.

Another source article can be found here.  (Warning: article begins with graphic photo of the deceased animal.)

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