Wolf Park Turns Forty Five!

Dr. Erich Klinghammer and wolves, 1982

Dr. Erich Klinghammer and wolves, 1982

Wolf Park has reached an incredible milestone! Forty five years ago, a Purdue professor was inspired to expand his knowledge of a little-understood species by bringing two wolves into his life. From there, the pack and facility has grown from its small beginnings into an organization dedicated to improving the lives of wolves in captivity and in the wild through research and education.

Dr. Erich Klinghammer began with a desire to understand wolf behavior and communication. He was able to observe his wolves throughout multiple generations of forming packs, breeding, raising offspring and hunting. Gradually the park has expanded to include other species such as bison, coyotes and foxes.

Research was the original focus of Wolf Park and we continue to assist researchers from around the globe with their studies but our focus has turned more toward education. We are proud of the work we do in providing seminars, children’s camps and education programs for public and private groups.

45th logoWe are celebrating our incredible milestone with a four-day event April 20-23. Join us Saturday April 22nd for the main event as we celebrate 45 years of Wolf Park with a slew of activities. This will also be the date of our annual fundraiser. That’s right, we’re moving Walk for Wolves to the spring this year and changing up the format! Join one of five teams and compete with other teams to earn money for a variety of projects around the park. Which team will raise the most donations? Join us and find out!

Schedule of Events

Thursday – Open 1-4pm for tours and talk.
Friday – Open 1-4pm for tours and talk and open 6-9pm for a special Cookout Howl Night
Saturday – The big fundraiser day! Compete with other teams, see the park, bid in a live auction and listen to amazing speakers from around the country. Then join us Saturday evening for a formal dinner at the Lafayette Fowler House.
Sunday – A day of fun at Wolf Park with competitions, special guest speakers and more!

To learn more visit our main webpage or sign up for the weekend through our online store.

We hope to see every one of you there!


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