Wolf Park Open House – March 27, 2011


Sunday March 27, 2011, 1—4 pm

Wolf Park invites the interested public to make tracks to Battle Ground to see what we are all about!   Many people that live in the Lafayette area know that we have wolf Howl Nights — but they may not be aware that we have children’s day camps in summer, opportunities for volunteering, and in-depth seminars on wolf behavior that are perfect for dog and wolf lovers.

On Sunday March 27th we will be open and offer FREE ADMISSION to all visitors, so that the local community can come out and learn about what Wolf Park has to offer.  There will be guided tours of the park, and staff and volunteers on hand to answer questions.

We want to make sure that everyone in the greater Lafayette region knows how to best utilize this unique facility, and that we as a non-profit can do the most good for the citizens of our city, county, and state.

—    There is more to Wolf Park than meets the eye!!

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