Wolf Park gets serious about recycling

Wolf Park is very conscious about recycling, reducing waste, and generally being kind to the planet.  To make it easier on our visitors to join us in recycling, we went looking for a grant to pay for some attractive, decent sized containers that would look nice in the Park.  Evonik Degussa Corporation was willing to give us a grant towards this project, and with the help of other resources we were able to fund one recycling center from “Recycle Away”!  Michael Alexander, the owner, encouraged us to choose from the “Sustainability Series Containers” because they have sturdy indoor/outdoor systems that are made from recycled content high-grade recycled HDPE plastics sourced from milk jugs, and provide a unique and environmentally responsible choice of material. The structure is expected to last for about 80 years and withstand the elements of the weather. The separate side openings and clear signage help visitors make choices of where to place their materials for recycling.

For years, Wolf Park relied on plastic bins that blew in the wind, emptied to the ground and required volunteers to pick up the scattered pieces, and some wooden containers that began to disintegrate in the weather.  Because visitors were always confusing these containers for trash cans, interns spent most of their time separating waste from recyclables.  But even with these struggles, we were determined to recycle.

Knowing that Wolf Park was struggling with funds to come up with a much needed second recycling center, Michael offered to donate a second unit to Wolf Park!  We are all delighted here at Wolf Park with our new recycling containers!! Wolf Park wishes to say “Thank you Recycle Away” and thank you to Evonik and the others who supported this project!

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