Where’d You Get Those Peepers?

Anya with a bottle. Photo by Scott Allaire

As of Monday, every puppy has opened their eyes! Anya was first to see the world. Aspen took the longest. Despite their eyes being open, vision is still forthcoming. The puppies can see a few inches in front of their muzzles thus far.

They are exploring the world by scent, and they are doing plenty of exploring. The parents are bringing in a huge variety of scents and textures for discovery. This includes wolf, dog and fox fur, grass, straw, pine cones and more. While typing this, Sparrow encountered the scent of fox urine for the first time. She was cautious about closely sniffing something so new and different.

They are also starting to hear. They are very aware of vibrations. Their ears are beginning to stand upright. We are being very quiet entering and exiting the building so as not to awaken sleeping puppies.

Intern Dariyenn with the pups. Photo by Scott Allaire

Mobility improves every day. They still drag their bellies when they walk, but they walk more than they crawl. They like to be up high. They scale pillows, feet and anything else in the nursery. Sparrow has made it to two human shoulders.

On day sixteen their teeth began to emerge. They all have their incisors. They are mouthing a great deal. They are making use of their chew toys. They are starting to grab and head-shake the toys. They grow up so fast!

They still sleep most of the day. Anya likes to sleep on human faces. Cypress still prefers to sleep separate from the humans and pups. Sparrow fell asleep in a sweatshirt pocket.

Their next big adventure will be a brand new room when they are allowed to explore the second puppy nursery. Expanding horizons and expanding minds.

Park Manager Dana feeding a pup. Photo by Scott Allaire

Upcoming Events
May 6 – Birthday Party: See the Wolf Park animals receive their birthday Piñatas.
May 27 – Wolf Park After Hours: Stay until 11pm and see the animals at their favorite time of day.
June 3 –Puppy Party! All things puppies. Learn about how we raise our pups, see video of their growth, and maybe see the pups outside exploring the world.

Boy puppy napping. Photo by Scott Allaire

Want to Sponsor a Puppy? We don’t know which pups will be staying at Wolf Park past the summer yet, but we know at least one boy and girl will be remaining with us forever. For now, you can sponsor a boy pup or a girl pup and we’ll keep you updated on how all the pups grow this summer until we choose who will remain. Remember: This month your sponsorships and memberships are good for sixteen months instead of twelve!

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