What’s in a Name?

The girls. Photo by Scott Allaire

The girls. Photo by Scott Allaire

The votes are tallied at last! The voting was fierce and people had STRONG feelings about the names they liked, and the names they didn’t. But at long last we can introduce you to Timber’s first litter.


Cypress. Photo by Scott Allaire

CYPRESS is the biggest puppy of the litter. He likes his alone time. He rarely sleeps with the others. His eyes are open and he is starting to walk.

Aspen. Photo by Scott Allaire

ASPEN is the pudgy puppy of the group. He might not be the quickest pup, but he’s a cute little cuddler.

Mani. Photo by Scott Allaire

MANI took the longest to figure out the formula and worried his puppy parents but he’s doing great now. He can eat with all four paws on the floor.


Anya. Photo by Scott Allaire

ANYA is the bigger of the females. She was the first to open her eyes. She’s doing a lot of mouthing already and her parents say she’s a little firecracker.

Sparrow. Photo by Scott Allaire

Sparrow. Photo by Scott Allaire

SPARROW is the runt of the litter and the angel-puppy. She feeds with all four paws on the floor and is very well-mannered. She’s a singer with plenty to say. Her eyes have opened.

Sparrow. Photo by Scott Allaire

The pups are growing rapidly. They are walking better, exploring more, and very curious. They are exploring more by scent. They snuffle the ground when they walk and find their parents by scent. Some are beginning to see. Their ears are still closed but they’re getting closer to being able to hear. They are reacting to vibrations and showing some awareness of sound.

Their training regime right now includes getting used to crates in case they ever need to be taken to the vet or on car trips. They are also getting used to collars. Leash walking is hard for wolves since they are not fans of restraints or being told ‘no’. We teach them leash walking can be fun because they always get to go somewhere new and different on walks. Step one is getting used to a strange thing around the neck. The pups wear paper collars for short stretches of the day. It makes for easier identification and helps acclimate them to the feel.

We are so thrilled to see how the pups’ grow and explore their world. Every day is a new adventure and we are so lucky to be part of helping them discover it all.

Upcoming Events

May 6 – Birthday Party: See the Wolf Park animals receive their birthday Piñatas.
May 27 – Wolf Park After Hours: Stay until 11pm and see the animals at their favorite time of day.
June 3 –Puppy Party! All things puppies. Learn about how we raise our pups, see video of their growth, and maybe see the pups outside exploring the world.

Want to Sponsor a Puppy? We don’t know which pups will be staying at Wolf Park past the summer yet, but we know at least one boy and girl will be remaining with us forever. For now, you can sponsor a boy pup or a girl pup and we’ll keep you updated on how all the pups grow this summer until we choose who will remain. Remember: This month your sponsorships and memberships are good for sixteen months instead of twelve!

Anya. Photo by Scott Allaire

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