Watermelon Party Approaching!


Watermelon Fundraiser and Independence Day Celebration

JULY 2, 2011 from 1-5 PM

Wolf Park is having its 11th annual Watermelon for Wolves Party!  Join us at 2:00pm on Saturday, July 2 when we will give each wolf, fox and coyote his or her very own cold watermelon, stuffed with treats such as pig ears, cheese, and dog biscuits.  Visitors are invited to watch as each animal enjoys their summery treat.

Our wolves really enjoy receiving their watermelons.  Unique treats provide environmental enrichment, giving our critters something to roll on, stuff their noses in, paw, lick, chew, scent-mark, and defend.  This year our new pups will also get to enjoy watermelons— their first ever!!

We have an extra treat for the humans this year— Gibson’s Shaved Ice will be here with flavored ice treats for just $1.  Visitors and wolves can both cool off and enjoy their day.  Gibson’s Ice will kindly share the proceeds with Wolf Park!

Want to help support Wolf Park’s efforts to cool off the wolves, and to do our important educational work?  Tell our critters you think they’re special by giving a donation for a nice, full, stuffed watermelon complete with pig ears and “snausages”. For our summer watermelon fundraiser, in return for your $25 donation we will send you a photo of the animal of your choice enjoying its watermelon.   See details on our web site!

General Admission: $7 adults, $5 kids age 6-13, kids 5 and under and Wolf Park Members are always free.

For more information call (765) 567-2265.

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