Tractors, Trees and Sailing

Photo by Natalie Risser

Thanks to the 2017 summer interns, The Land Nursery and Boy Scout Troop 205, Wolf Park is a greener place. The interns raised money to purchase a lot of new trees at an amazing price from Walter Beineke at The Land Nursery. The boy scouts and several volunteers spent their Saturday morning planting them. There are thirty trees in the ground, and we hope to do a second planting before winter. The trees have been planted in the wolf enclosures and along the walking trail to provide shade and beauty for both our animals and visitors. Thank you all!

We hope to plant A LOT more trees before winter. Donate to help make Wolf Park green. Trees are only $25 apiece.

Photo by Natalie Risser

We have a new tractor! After years of service, our old tractor finally gave up the ghost. We’re so grateful to friend-of-the-park Crystal Hagan for doing the leg work to provide us with our new tractor. It’s a huge need of ours in every season to cut grass, move objects, dig holes, plow snow, smooth gravel, feed the bison, and so much more! Thanks Tri Green Tractor and store manager Eric Clark for the amazing discount. You found us the perfect tractor for our needs!

The puppies did their first Howl Night on Friday. Friday Howl Nights are usually small, so we chose a Friday for their first one to let them get used to a small crowd. It turned out to be the biggest Friday Howl Night of the year. The pups did great, even if they didn’t howl. We’d included some enrichment for them, in order to provide distraction as need and assure them big crowds are fun! Khewa really likes jumping for things hung from trees.

That night the pups were given a pumpkin as part of their enrichment. We wanted them to get used to gourds before October’s Pumpkin Party, plus we wanted promotional photos. The pups loved it. Everyone chewed on the insides, and several games of chase made use of the pumpkin lid.

Want a photo of a puppy or another animal enjoying the Pumpkin Party? Support the event receive a picture of the animal of your choice enjoying a seasonal treat!

Monty and the pups set sail. Photo by Sara Preston

Puppy photo shoots are still happening every Tuesday in the main enclosure. The groups were pretty small this month so we’ve taken advantage of the park’s rowboat. From there we can get excellent shots of the wolves on the shore. Aspen was the first puppy to take a boat ride – by accident. He managed to launch the boat while leaping into it, then got in the way of staff member Caity, who was trying to paddle. They ended up being adrift far longer than she’d intended before she was able to get him back to shore. Since then, the pups have become better at climbing out of the boat. Máni particularly enjoys rides.

Staff, photographers and Aspen out for a ride. Photo by Dana Drenzek

There are still slots open for the fall photo shoots and seminars. Sign up today!

Upcoming Events
9/23 – After Dark
10/21 – After Dark
10/28 – Pumpkin Party

Fiona and the puppies have a pool party! Photo by Monty Sloan

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