Timber’s Busy Social Calendar

renki tree

Renki has been outside full-time for several days now. He is living in a fenced off portion of the McAllister habitat, which is conveniently close to the Alison Franklin Animal Care Center in case we have to move him inside.  On August 22, he had his first walk around the loop trail since before his surgery. It took over an hour, and, when he staged a sit-in protest at East Lake, Timber was brought out on leash as an expediter/walking coach. This worked and Renki went back to his temporary lodgings, accompanied by her. On August 25, they had a play date in Renki’s temporary pen. Timber had a case of the zoomies and raced around inviting Renki to chase her. He looked quite excited. Timber literally ran circles around him and jumped over him repeatedly. She did straight arm him once, but when he made it clear he did not like that at all, she did not do it again. During the week of August 21 -28, Renki began guarding food from the staff. He’s baaaaaack!


Meanwhile, Timber has been a social butterfly. Along with meeting Renki, she also had a walk and play date with Wotan. He was a little overwhelmed at first but warmed up up to her once her initial excitement wore off.


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