There is life outside…

Kelly and Cypress say goodbye. Photo by Scott Allaire

On Sunday we said our goodbyes to two of our pups. Cypress and Anya (now Tauriel) headed off to their new home at Wolf Mountain Nature Center. We’re sad to see them go but we are confident they’ll find good homes in New York.

The now smaller litter of Twiglets are working on being comfortable outside. Although they like playing in the yard, they prefer to go back indoors to sleep. Since they’ll be outdoor wolves when they’re grown, the puppy parents have moved outside with them. All their bedding and favorite toys are in the yard, which is motivating the puppies to spend much more time in the great outdoors.

The pups continue to meet adult wolves Fiona has met both litters although the Mountaineers only met her through the fence since they are still quite small. Timber spent a little time with her puppies but she doesn’t quite seem sure what to make of them.

First time in the big enclosure! Photo by Scott Allaire

The Twiglets’ world continues to expand. They’ve taken their first walks with real leashes and visited their first big wolf enclosure. They liked the extra space for running. They are curious about strangers. They approach the fence when tours go by – when they wake up in the afternoon. They had their first carcass today. It was a rabbit.

Puppies with deer leg. Photo by Scott Allaire

The Mountaineers are starting to hear and respond to sounds. They’re starting to go outside. So far Khewa thinks the outdoors is a little scary, but she likes exploring new places indoors. Niko is very interested in checking out new things.

Stretch! Photo by Scott Allaire

The two litters have met! The puppy parents carry the younger pups into the big pups’ nursery for rounds of mutual sniffing. The big pups are too rambunctious and want to play roughly with the little ones so they haven’t been allowed to wrestle yet. Khewa is finding it easier to explore the outside world when in with the big pups. They run off into the grass she she gallops after, with a concerned puppy parent chasing her for fear the Twiglets will flatten her.

Upcoming Events
May 25 – Tipping Point: Talking Climate Change and Carnivorous
May 27 – Wolf Park After Dark
June 3 – Puppy Party

Want to spend time with the puppies and the other animals? We have a One Day Seminar coming soon, and a Three Day Seminar not long after.

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