The Start of Two Beautiful Friendships


Timber Loves Every Boy
On Monday, Renki and Timber had a play date together which ended rapidly once Timber had exhausted and irritated Renki to the end of his tolerance. Meanwhile, Bicho was making hopeful eyes at Timber through the fence so the staff decided to see if he’d like to take a walk with her. After a brief walk, it was clear the two just wanted to play, so the staff turned them loose to have a great time. They played for quite a while. Timber was delighted to have someone who could keep up with her level of energy, even if he was twice her size. More play dates are sure to be in their future. This brings Timber’s boyfriend count up to four. She is busy!

Where the Buffalo Roam
Some months ago, Wolf Park received two new bison cows who were quickly named Thelma and Louise. They have been living separately while they were checked for illness and given their vaccinations. It also gave them time to get to know the park herd through the fence before joining the group. On Monday, Thelma and Louise finally joined the herd. It didn’t take long for everyone to busy themselves grazing and settling the new members into the family. There has been some head-butting and posturing among the girls while the new cows figure out the rank order, but they appear happy to belong.

Goodbye to a Good Friendwalk-for-wolves-2010-034-2
Wolf Park is sad to learn of the passing of Scott “Fargo” Quattrone, a longtime friend, supporter and volunteer. Scott, as his husky alter-ego “Fargo” has been a faithful attendee of our many events where he has assisted with soliciting donations, directing traffic, and entertaining the crowds. We’re grateful for the time we had with him and are sad to lose him far too soon. We’ll miss you, Fargo.

All I want for Christmas…
The holidays rapidly approaching. Consider giving your loved ones a great experience with a Wolf Park Membership, Seminar, Photo Shoot or Children’s Camp. We have something for the wolf, dog and fox lovers of all ages.

Future Puppy Playground
Thanks to some incredibly generous donations, we have almost reached our fundraising goal for the Puppy Enclosure and Recovery Pen. We are $250 away from groundbreaking! As you make your year end contributions, considering helping us finishing off our fundraising. Donate HERE and mark in the comment section that the donation is for the Puppy Enclosure.

Coming Events
12/17 Santa Claus Visits Wolf Park 1-4pm.
12/24 No Howl Night
12/31 No Howl Night
1/14 Winter Wolves 1-4pm


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