Straw Wolves and Wildflowers

Autumn is arriving in Indiana. The leaves are beginning to turn colors, the wolves are growing their winter coats, and the annual Trail of Scarecrows is making its appearance in Prophetstown State Park. Every year, Prophetstown invites non-profits and clubs to construct scarecrows to be displayed around the park. This is Wolf Park’s fourth entry and our pack of straw wolves is growing.


“Twiggy”, our howling wolf from last year has made a second appearance in the park and is now joined by a new packmate. Volunteer Kelly Praiswater and intern Khaz Brooks can take the main credit for our straw pack, with assistance from interns James and Brenden. Also in our display this year is a lovely collection of painted puppy pumpkins.

Visitors to Prophetstown can vote for their favorite scarecrows via penny donations in the Prophetstown Nature Center. The donations will go toward supporting education, arts, and history programs at the State Park. If you’re coming to Wolf Park, consider also visiting the state park to hike their trails, visit the farm and see the army of the scarecrows decorating the area.

Even with the cooling temperatures, flowers can still be found around Wolf Park. Our reclaimed farm field, which will eventually grow into bat and quail habitat, is in bloom with a gorgeous assortment of wildflowers. Park manager, Dana, took the time to explore the field and photograph some fantastic blooms. We’re proud to be providing assistance to butterfly and bee populations in Indiana.

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