Spring Construction

Spring has come early at Wolf Park. The wolves are barely finishing breeding season, but the staff is already sporting t-shirts. This being Indiana, winter might be on its way back again, but we’re using the break to get the spring projects moving.

Thanks to the generous donations of many people, the recovery pen/puppy nursery is being erected. Connected to the Animal Care Center kennels, this enclosure will offer a safe outdoor space for animals recovering from surgery. This will also be the first outdoor home for any puppies at Wolf Park. Visitors will be able to view the pups, and they’ll be able to move freely between the indoors and outdoors to receive both privacy and exercise.

IMG_7090 IMG_7118

People keep asking if we’re expecting puppies this year. The answer is… we don’t know. It’ll be a few more weeks before we can assess if Timber is pregnant, and even then, many things can happen between now and spring. We’re hoping and we’ll be all ready for them if/when they arrive!

However, we’re getting ready for a different assortment of puppies. Volunteer Jennifer Yeandle is hard at work constructing a den and landscape for the new diorama in the Education Building. Several years ago, we were donated a taxidermy wolf and fox for educational purposes. We’re excited to soon have a proper display for them.

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Coming Events

Dollar Day is coming soon! Admission to Wolf Park will be just $1.00 on March 4th, 1-4pm. We’ll be spreading the word about all the programs we have planned for the year, showing off the puppy enclosure, and offering all sorts of $1.00 drawings, items and events. Come join us!

Don’t forget to register for our Anniversary Weekend, April 22-23! We have so much planned and so many amazing guests coming. We can’t wait to see you there.

Wolves in the World

Here’s a website about what’s happening with wolves in Greenland.

Here’s a group making a documentary about wolf hybrids and soldiers recovering together from PTSD.

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