Space still available for Suzanne Clothier seminar!

Be sure not to miss our upcoming three-day seminar with guest speaker Suzanne Clothier August 27-29!  There’s still space available — sign up now!

The Elemental Animal: Questions & Answers from the Core of Being


What is it that makes a wolf a wolf and not a fox? Why do our dogs live with us so readily? How do you begin a dialogue with an animal? What are the elemental questions to be asked (and answered) that get us closer to an understanding of any individual species and any individual animal? How do you ask questions of a non-verbal animal? And how do you read the answers?

This workshop focuses on exploring the wealth of what is available to us when we know how to be quiet within our own minds, how to pose the questions and listen for the answers, how to become more fluent in the subtleties and nuance of expression and perception that animals can teach us. Umwelt, ethology, cognitive perception, psychobiology combine with compassion, curiosity and thoughtful observation to create a new awareness of The Elemental Animal before us, whatever the species.

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