Seasons Greetings From Wolf Park

Renki with his Christmas Present

Photo by Danielle Lassonde

Ice storms derailed the park’s annual holiday party, leaving the animals without their presents. Santa had to turn his sleigh around, but fortunately the interns were there to play the part of elves! On Christmas Eve, interns Khaz and Danielle converted the animals’ presents into complicated puzzle boxes and gave the canids the gift of entertainment.

The animals are used to getting cardboard boxes with odds and ends hidden inside. They all have their methods of figuring out how to dismember the box and retrieve the treats. Bicho and Kanti destroyed theirs and consumed the contents so fast they probably didn’t taste them. Timber, meanwhile, tugged apart her box very slowly and ended up caching (burying) the box – treats and all. Wotan and Wolfgang were frightened by the wrapping paper and circled their boxes for a long time before Wotan finally plucked up the courage to claim the goodies.

Timber with Burger

Photo by Monty Sloan

On Christmas Day, the wolves received a second treat. Wolf handlers, Pat and Monty, bought burgers for everyone. Hamburgers are not part of the wolves’ normal diet, but it’s the holidays so everyone gets to cheat a little. Fiona was the extra lucky wolf that day. The staff had accidentally ordered an extra burger. The main pack was last to be fed. Fiona managed to seize the bag with the extra hamburger and ran off for a feast while Bicho and Kanti scarfed down their burgers – wrappers and all.

Thanks to some unseasonably warm weather, the park roads have thawed and it is safe to walk and drive here again. Although we won’t be open until after the New Year, we are happy we can safely welcome visitors again, and walk the wolves without falling over.

Gypsum with present

Photo by Khaz Brooks

Upcoming Events
December 31 – Closed for New Years Eve
January 14 – Winter Wolves, 1-4pm
February 11 – Winter Wolves II – 1-4pm

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