Ruedi: April 12, 2004 – December 29, 2012

On Saturday, December 29th, during routine daily rounds, it was noticed that Ruedi, an eight year old male wolf in the main pack, did not come to the fence.  December 30th and 31st were spent conducting searches.  No breach of the fence was discovered.

This was followed by an extensive search of all dens, including those on the island.  Sadly, we must conclude that he most likely fell through the ice.  In the 19 years that wolves have lived in the Turtle Lake habitat, we have never lost a wolf due to an accident of this nature.

Please direct any inquires to Amanda Shaad, Curator.

Ruedi Resting by Willows

Update: Ruedi's body was recovered on January 11th from the pond and sent to the veterinarian for a necropsy. Air was found in his lungs, but no specific conclusion has been reached as to his cause of death.

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