Reporting on Wolves vs. Dogs

Read this article, reporting on a pack of feral dogs which were believed responsible for the deaths of area livestock and pets.  Note its extreme brevity, and especially its neutral language: the animals are described as having “charged” a landowner, not as having “attacked” him.  No adjectives like “vicious” or “aggressive” are used to describe the dogs.

Compare it to this article, whose very headline refers to wolves “chowing on” not just non-specific “pets”, but cute and adorable “miniature horses”.  It does use the word “attacked”, and also comments on how dangerous wolves in general are.  Alternatively, check out this article, which does not just say the wolves “killed” a horse; it uses inflammatory language, specifying that they “tore [the] guts out” of the horse.

Consider the difference in reporting style between the article reporting on dogs and the articles (and others) reporting on wolves, and how it might influence public opinion on these animals.  It is important to keep a critical mind when reading!

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