Renki Update

Renki on a BedFor those who have not heard, Renki has been very ill. It started with a limp, and he had been diagnosed with arthritis (which is not unusual for a 12-year-old wolf). However, his limp got worse so x-rays were in order. The x-rays revealed that he had developed bone cancer and immediate surgery was called for. He is recovering well, but it will be a long road as he ended up losing his right foreleg.

IMG_3798Canids do well on three legs and he already can walk better on three legs than he was doing before the surgery. Renki has been recuperating in the Alison Franklin Animal Health Center, able to enjoy the air conditioning and a soft, high-traction floor to help him learn to be a “tripod”.  We are so happy to have our new building which makes veterinary care so much less stressful for everyone, especially the animals!

Renki did get to spend a little time outside, but got excited and popped some stitches so it is back to being an indoor wolf for now.  He enjoys round the clock care from staff and volunteers who keep him entertained, and we are hoping he can get back to being an outdoor wolf soon (under strict supervision of course).

If you would like to help support Renki (we may need to build him a special outdoor enclosure and he has mounting medical expenses), please click here!

You can also mail a donation to Wolf Park, 4004 E 800 N, Battle Ground, IN 47920, call us at 765-567-2265 or PayPal All donations are tax deductible for folks in the U.S.

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