Renki Update

renki with zucchini

Renki carrying a zucchini. Photo by Bronwyn Chidzey.

Since Renki’s surgery, his veterinarian, Dr. Becker, ordered him to restrict his activity while his surgery site finishes draining and the incision heals. Since he showed little inclination to follow her instructions, we had to do it for him. We tried taking him out for walks, but he always wanted to go farther and staged sit-ins to protest his restriction. If he was kept in too long, he became agitated and looked for any opportunity to get out of the recovery room.

Maintenance tech, Chris Lindir, lent us some panels to create a temporary outdoor area for Renki. His recovery room has a door opening directly into this little enclosure, and I hope many of you have looked at the video showing him indulging a passion for interior design. He obviously wants patio living.

Once we could leave the door to the outdoors open, allowing him to choose when he wanted to step outside, he was much calmer and did not try to figure out how to get out of the room. He just wanted some choice over his environment. He can take his food outside for an alfresco meal if he wants, or eat indoors. He still likes to move things in the room out to the patio. On 8/14, Dana made up the futon in the recovery room for herself and Renki. She stepped out for a minute and, when she came back, she found the neatly made futon had had its pillow removed. Renki had carried it outside and used it to bury, or “cache,” some organ meat he was saving for a snack later.

Seeing how much he enjoys having access to an outer area, we want to give him, and other future recovering wolves, the option of a secure permanent outdoor area that they can reach by just stepping out the back door. To donate, visit our Online Store.

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