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August 8-10, 2014

Do you have a dog? Are you a dog behaviorist? Are you a dog trainer? You don’t want to miss “Head and Heart in Balance” with Suzanne Clothier August 8-10, 2014!

Head and Heart in Balance:

The elemental questions we ask others take us to the heart of relationship with them. Using knowledge of the basic needs shared by humans and other animals we will identify our assumptions about what motivates animals and what they like and dislike. Are the rewards and the enriching experiences we give our animals things they really like?   Are we interpreting animals’ behaviors correctly? Can we intertwine objective knowledge and imagination to enter the world of another species?

The seminar will include exercises using videos, case histories to help us identify our individual assumptions about other animals, and better interpret why specific animals respond to specific aspects of their environment as they do. More species than canids will be used to help us enter the worlds inside others’ heads.

Scholarship Opportunity: The Sterling Gillis Memorial K-9 SAR Scholarship was established by Suzanne Clothier to honor a promising young SAR dog who was tragically killed.  All K-9 SAR handlers are eligible for FREE seminar attendance when they apply on the SAR group’s official letterhead. (One handler per seminar, please.)  The Scholarship is only open to those who have not yet received this scholarship in the past.  Hurry, limited space available!

Wolf Park has been socializing wolves for over 40 years, and there is no better place to receive firsthand knowledge on captive wolves. Add to that the experience of  actually interacting with some wolves, and it is a truly unique and fulfilling weekend!

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Save $50
Register this week for Suzanne Clothier’s seminar and save $50! Call Wolf Park at 765-567-2265 ext. 100 and mention this coupon. Not valid with online orders.

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