Rare Short-Eared Dog Caught On Video

A short-eared dog (Atelocynus microtis), an elusive, fox-sized canid native to the Amazon jungle, has been serendipitously caught on video by conservation biologist Lary Reeves.  Reeves was hoping to record the activity of king vultures near the carcass of a white-lipped peccary, which had been found along a trail near the Tambopata Research Center in southeastern Peru.

The dog appeared about 20 minutes after the researchers placed the camera.  In the footage, it sniffs the carcass, eyes the camera warily and wanders off.

The dogs are so wary and hard to find that the researchers, who have been studying the dogs for fourteen years, have only been able to capture and radio collar five of the animals.

Original article available here.

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