Pups Added To Main Pack Saturday, Sept 4!

Wolf Park raises its wolf pups by hand in order to socialize them properly to humans.  (If we did not, the pups would grow up to be very shy, and very sad in captivity!)  Our 2010 pups, Dharma, Gordon, and Tilly, have been hand-raised by humans since the age of 21 days — and now, at approximately four months of age, they’re ready to run with the pack!

Join us on Saturday, September 4 at approximately 1:30 pm to watch the pups see their new home!

This is not the first time the pups have met their new pack mates — they have been receiving short visits from the older wolves since they were about eight weeks old.  This is not the last stop for Tilly and Gordon, who are going to other facilities soon, but Dharma will remain with Wolf Park her entire life as one of our treasured ambassador animals.

(Sorry, sponsors — there will be no main pack sponsor visits that day because the main pack will, of course, be very busy with their new additions!  You’re welcome to schedule an appointment, though, and you will meet other friendly wolves who’d love to say hello to you!  Not a sponsor yet?  Sponsor now, and make an appointment to meet one — or more! — of our wolves in person!)

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