Puppies Day 12: These Paws Were Made for Walking

What a difference a day can make! When pulled from the den, the pups were only crawling. By the next day they were attempting to stand. They would gather their legs under their bellies, rise, and then tumble over. And by the next day they were walking! They still mostly crawl, but they are exploring more and more of their world. Puppy #3 climbed off the blankets onto the padded floor and walked a short loop. Puppy #5 crawled up puppy parent Scott’s pants leg.

Asleep mid-stride. Photo by Haley Gorenflo

Everyone still sleeps a great deal, but they don’t stay still even in sleep. They are dreaming a lot. They growl, howl and twitch in their sleep. What do newborn puppies dream about? They still fall asleep whenever they happen to be. Puppy #3 fell asleep nursing on staff member Dana’s finger. He’s the biggest eater of the litter.


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