Puppies Day 10: A Little Song and Dance

Puppy #2. Photo by Scott Allaire

The puppies spent their first day in the nursery meeting and bonding with their human parents and exploring their new world. Upon arrival, the pups were weighed and checked over. The veterinarian came by and gave ‘The Twiglets’ a clean bill of health.

For the moment, the puppies have been given the creative names of #1 – #5. #2 and #5 are girls. Personalities and distinctions are already beginning to emerge.

#1 is the biggest of the group. He is independent and sleeps more often by himself rather than the group.

#2 is the largest girl and a cuddler.

#3 likes sleeping on faces (both human and puppy). He was the first to begin nursing after sucking on a parent’s chin.

#4 is a spelunker. He likes to burrow beneath the blankets. He was the last to start nursing but is now eating fine.

#5 is the runt of the litter and the noisy one. She’s been nicknamed ‘the singer’ for now.

Three puppies have begun howling. They don’t hear terribly well at this age but they are starting to hear and respond to howls. Puppies #1 and #3 howled along with their parents the first night. They also already recognize their human parents opposed to strangers.

Photo by Monty Sloan


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