Pat’s Poetry Corner: The Yote Song (Verse Two)

Animal care is not all glamor, fame, loose cars and fast women.  Sometimes, especially during enclosure cleaning in the most humid part of late summer, or while trying to get an excitable, distracted animal to eat a pill rather than fight over it with its enclosure mate, life becomes a little bit…frustrating.

Wolf Park staff have long dealt with issues of frustration via song, which is less fattening (although arguably less satisfying) than dealing with issues of frustration via chocolate.  Thus, “The Yote Song”, born of the delights and frustrations of working with our favorite, most darling obnoxious little food grubbing demons coyotes, and all their mercurial ups and downs.  Behold: the shimmering magnificence that is Verse Two!

Verse One can be appreciated (with or without frustration-appeasing chocolate) here.

The face of an innocent.  ...or is it?

The face of an innocent. …or is it?

The Yote Song
(Verse Two)

I love coyotes, yes I do
Though they raise quite a hullaballoo

They help with tours and Howl Nights too
And that is why I scoop their poo



“Pat’s Poetry Corner” denies everything and, if accused, will point determinedly towards its little sister while shouting “No!” at the top of its voice.  Do not expose “Pat’s Poetry Corner” to sunlight, moonlight, or the winsome songs of lonely cowboys.  Grape flavoring not available on Tuesdays.  Use only as directed.

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