Pat’s Poetry Corner: The (Complete) Yote Song

Caring for animals comes with bad points as well as good.  Animals do not always appreciate that fencing is there for their own good, and do not understand that humans prefer not to spend all their free time filling in “dig spots”.

Wolf Park staff have a tradition wherein we deal with frustration via the medium of song, which, rather than risking the lives of our friends and neighbors, poses only danger to their eardrums (and delicate sensibilities).  Thus, “The Yote Song” has been born, allowing us to maintain patience with our cuddly, wonderful furry friends who simply cannot get enough of attempting to tunnel to China.

Ladies and gentlemen: the Yote Song is complete!

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease clean my enclosure!

Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease clean my enclosure!

The Yote Song

I love coyotes, yes I do.
Their pee stinks and their poo does too.
But they hop like the kangaroo,
And that is why I scoop their poo.

I love coyotes, yes I do
Though they raise quite a hullaballoo
They help with tours and Howl Nights too
And that is why I scoop their poo

I love coyotes, yes I do
Though they dig holes they can crawl through.
For a quick fix fill those holes with “doo,”*
And that is why I scoop their poo.

I love coyotes, 1, 2, 3
Coyotes for Eternity!
For them I’d even climb a tree,
But they don’t poop there, nosiree!

“Pat’s Poetry Corner” must be surrendered upon request to the appropriate authorities.  Not valid for theme park admission.  Not to be used as a flotation device.  Use appropriate safety equipment at all times.


*Note: the “doo” is used only as a temporary fix — it discourages further exploration in that area until someone can come by with proper tools!
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