Pat’s Poetry Corner – Hi Ku Kanti

Our tireless primary wolf researcher, Pat Goodmann, observes our wolves often and takes copious pages of notes on their behavior.  It is through this diligent record that we can distinguish patterns and changes in behavior and start to draw conclusions about what we see going on.  Like the wolves, however, Pat is a playful being and, after one too many early-morning shifts, things which we will describe only as “non-data points” occasionally appear in her notes.

The following poem describes the activity in a pack of three wolves — Fiona, a female, and her brothers, Kanti and Bicho (named after a previous Bicho who lived at Wolf Park in the 70s).  Born in 2012, these wolves are still young, and the big, brash bothers brothers enjoy pestering both Fiona and each other.  Today, it appears that Kanti has come out on top:

Hi Ku Kanti

Kanti, the Estimable Mr. Ku
Looks benign to me and you
But to Fiona and Bicho2
He’s often the Pestimable Mr. Ku

“Pat’s Poetry Corner” wishes to state for the record that the above poem is not actually a haiku.  Standard haiku operating procedures may not be sufficient protection for safe and efficient consumption.  Union regulations require personal protective equipment and/or the utilization of a non-union, “proxy” reader for optimum safety.  Readers utilize this poem at their own risk.

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