Paddle Pups

Babies’ first carcass. Photo by Sara Preston

The puppies had their first whole deer carcass last week. In true wolf fashion, they tore right into it and got thoroughly bloody. Everyone shared, which is nice to see. There was rumbling, but this litter of puppies is surprisingly good at eating civilly off the same carcass pieces. Out to make the process as macabre as possible, they ate the face off first.

On Friday they had their second run in the main enclosure. After running around the dam and exploring the whole enclosure, the Twiglets jumped into the lake and swam in circles. Sparrow tried to start a wrestling match while swimming and dunked Máni. The Mountaineers were wary about swimming. Niko fell in the lake while trying to balance on a log. Khewa had the better balance and stayed dry but still turned into a swamp wolf.

Máni just after Sparrow dunked him. Photo by Scott Allaire

The Old Golds. Photo by Jennifer Yeandle

Saturday was Brew on the Bridge, an annual event in which a local band comes out to serenade visitors. The Old Golds. People’s Brewing Company and South Street Smokehouse all made for an excellent evening, even if the threat of rain did make in an indoor event. The crowd loved them and we hope The Old Golds will play with us next year!

A great crowd enjoys music, BBQ and beer. Photo by Jennifer Yeandle

The interns continue to build. Now they’ve fashioned a hammock for the foxes. Firehoses are the gift which keeps on giving. If anyone knows of a supply, we would love to receive more. The animals appreciate beds with a ‘give’ to them.

Swing time. Photo by Scott Allaire

Khewa the swamp puppy. Photo by Scott Allaire

Upcoming Events
7/27 – Tipping Point: Talking Climate Change and Carnivores
7/29 – Wolf Park After Dark
8/17 – Tipping Point: Talking Climate Change and Carnivores
8/26 – Puppy Exploration Party
8/26 – Wolf Park After Dark

EDIT: Last week we announced a brand new seminar. The date has since changed. Check out ‘Mmmm…. Enrichment!’ a seminar about keeping animals in zoos, sanctuaries, humane societies and homes entertained and mentally engaged. The park will be hosting it October 27 – 29 and we are thrilled to welcome Dr. Lindsay Mehrkam and all her knowledge.

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