Only 3 Spots Left For Roger Abrantes Guinea Pig Training Camp!


There are only 3 spots remaining for
Guinea Pig Camp with Roger Abrantes,
May 29 – June 1, 2014!

Call the Wolf Park office at 765-567-2265 ext. 100 to reserve your spot!
You cannot reserve a spot online!

65590_525566267486289_325375710_nA truly unique experience, this four day camp is perfect for dog trainers, animal behaviorists, or anyone that wants to learn more about having a relationship with animals. Of course guinea pigs are cute and fun, but this camp is a serious workshop. In four days’ time, your team will develop a relationship with your guinea pig (provided) and teach it detect gunpowder (we could choose lavender detection, but gunpowder is more exciting!)

You will get something at Wolf Park that you cannot get at any other guinea pig training camp – a chance to interact with our socialized wolves! We will take breaks from the guinea pig training to visit the wolves and discuss the similarities and differences between training the wolves and training guinea pigs!

Roger Abrantes guinea pig seminarWhy should dog trainers train guinea pigs?

Training dogs is easy compared to training other species due to the special relationship between humans and dogs. Dogs tend to overlook most of our mistakes and give us a lot of second chances. Animals that don’t have such a close relationship with humans are far less forgiving so it is a high priority to be precise, plan your training, develop your observation skills and have a Plan B available.

Training guinea pigs will help make you a better, more observant dog trainer; more attentive to detail and more receptive to the feedback your dog gives you. Another advantage of training guinea pigs is that you won’t have a strong bond with the guinea pig you train and you will therefore be more objective than in your dog training. You will not have developed any bad habits, as training guinea pigs will be novel to you. You won’t
identify with the guinea pig you train in the same way dog owners identify with their dogs, so you will not feel embarrassed if your guinea pig makes a mistake. Training a guinea pig will improve your theoretical knowledge as well as your mechanical skills. You will be amazed at how much you can teach a guinea pig in just four days!

Each team of three students will have a guinea pig to train, a training box, agility obstacles, food treats and a whistle (or clicker). Each student within a team will take turns to be trainer, observer and camera operator. The trainer trains, the observer registers the session and ensures it follows the previously designed POA (Plan of Action), and the camera operator films the session. Since all three will follow a carefully designed plan, there is no problem in taking turns at training the same guinea pig. The team’s training will be mostly consistent but, should small variations occur, we will regard them as a bonus and an opportunity to compare factors that may influence training. That is why all the sessions are filmed.

Click here to see a video of the camp.

Click here to visit Roger’s Guinea Pig Camp Facebook page – you can see the Guinea pig agility courses we will be using during the camp.

The guinea pig camp at Wolf Park includes four full days of camp, lunch on all four days, visits in the wolf enclosures, a one year membership to Wolf Park and a souvenir mug. The schedule at Wolf Park will be different than that of camps held at other venues to include wolf visits. Lodging and transportation are not included. After you sign up, the materials you receive will include information on how to get to Wolf Park and lodging options.

Please email or call +1 (765)567-2265 for more information.

Participants must be at least 18 years old.

Refund Policy: There are NO REFUNDS for this camp. You may send an alternate in your place. If you inform Wolf Park that you cannot attend at least two weeks in advance, and we have 30 paid participants and we fill your seat with a paid participant, we will refund 75% of your camp fee.

Cancellation Policy: In the rare event that this camp needs to be cancelled by Wolf Park, a full refund will be issued.

CCPDT Members: Earn CEUs by attending this seminar!

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