One Event, Two Points of View

On October 30, 2010, a group of hunters trying to locate the carcass of an elk they killed the day before discovered a pack of wolves had laid claim to the elk in the meantime.  They found themselves right in the middle of the pack.  Despite having two horses with them and carrying the carcass of an elk, they walked away safely while the wolves barked and howled around them.

The first half of this article describes the hunters’ version of the event.  The second half considers the same event from the point of view of wolf biologist Kent Laudon.  While we will likely never know exactly what happened, or what was going through the minds of the wolves (and humans) involved, it is interesting to see the great disparity between the points of view.  This disparity is at the heart of the debate over wolves and wildlife in general.  Are they aggressive competitors vying for supremacy?  Or neutral co-inhabitors of the world, whose interests sometimes differ from our own?

Hunters Kill Wolf Out of Fear for Their Lives

By Michael Babcock, Great Falls Tribune

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