One-Day Wolf Behavior Seminar featuring Dr. Clive Wynne

March 12, 2011 – One Day ONLY – 9:30 am – 5:00 pm

This seminar is accredited by the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers for 6 CPDT Continuing Education Units.

Dr. Clive D. L. Wynne is a professor of psychology at the University of Florida and Director of Research at Wolf Park. He has been studying cognition in dogs and other canids for some years and will be teaching a one-day seminar at Wolf Park discussing the origins of the domestic dog.  He has been visiting Wolf Park regularly with his crew of assistants to do cognitive studies on our wolves, to compare to his dog studies.

The Way From Wolf to Dog

Everyone knows the tame domestic dog is descended from the wolf. But how did we get from the grand gray wolf to the little mottled dog? I shall address this question in three ways. First I consider what really is the difference between a wolf and a dog. I shall describe our research at Wolf Park on the cognition of wolves in which we found that many of the claimed fundamental differences in intelligence between wolves and dogs were artifacts of different ways that researchers had tested dogs and wolves. Second I outline a trip I made in September 2010 to Siberia to see the “tame” foxes created by Dimitri Belyaev and his colleagues. These animals really are amazingly friendly – but what conclusions about dogs can we draw from them? Finally, I show that confusion in trying to understand the origins of dogs in wolves stems from looking in the wrong place for the wrong wolves – and for the wrong reasons.

There is still space left in this exciting and unique seminar!  Sign up now!

General Schedule of Events
9:30 – Gates Open
10:00 – Seminar Begins
12:00  Lunch Break
1-3 Safety talk and meet wolves
3:00  Seminar Continues
5:00  Seminar End

Seminar includes some written materials, snacks and beverages, and a one year single membership to Wolf Park.  For an additional $7 we will provide a simple lunch.

To learn more about Dr. Wynne and his work, go to

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