Of Pigs and Pregnancies

Scrabble learns weave poles

Wolf Park isn’t just about wolves. We believe in responsible care and respect for every species. This past weekend, a group of trainers had their chance to experiment and get to know many unique animals.

Welcome to ‘Fantastic Beasts and how to Train Them’ where trainers from all ages and backgrounds practiced their skills with guinea pigs, foxes and coyotes. Working one-on-one with the smaller animals, and through the fence with the bigger ones, seminar participants built relationships and trained behaviors.

Mancala runs a series of obstacles

Training is all about trust. Getting to know the guinea pigs and assuring them that humans were not cavy-eating monsters was step one. Our guinea pig subjects were brought to us from Dr. Julia Becker’s guinea pig rescue and came from a combination of good and bad homes. By the end of day one, even the most human-wary had learned trainers were delightful food dispensers.

What does one do with trained guinea pigs? Agility of course! Guinea pigs can be trained on a-frames, weave poles, jumps, tunnels, stationing and more. Our pigs learned a great deal in a short time and we hope their time socializing with us will help them get adopted. Several have already found forever homes!

Timber in a family way

Timber Updates
Timber is fattening up nicely and we’re expecting puppies very soon! She’s moved into the main enclosure where she will stay while the pups are young. She is working on her den out on the island.

Wotan is visiting regularly to assist with puppy preparations. He is concerned Timber isn’t eating enough and spends his time digging up food and bringing it to her. He’s tried regurgitation too. He even regurgitated for his brother. Timber ignored him. Wolfgang rolled in it.

For humans to visit the puppies on the island requires a boat. The staff pulled out the boat to see if it was ship-shape for its sea voyage. Timber tore the covers off the seats and gleefully rolled on them.

Upcoming Events
April 8 – Easter Party 1-5pm
April 22 – 23 – 45th Anniversary Weekend
May 6 – The Animals’ Birthday Party 1-5pm

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