New Book On Wolves, Dogs, Hybrids Available

Former Wolf Park staff members Jessica Addams and Andrew Miller have written a book about wolves, dogs, wolf x dog hybrids, and how easy it can be to confuse one for another.  The Park gets hundreds of questions a year regarding wolf hybrids, often from shelters and rescues looking for urgent help with animals about to be euthanized just because someone associated them with the word “wolf”.  Jess and Andrew wanted to create a resource for people who needed to make management decisions regarding wolf hybrids — and it’s also a fun read for people who are interested in wolves, dogs and their behavior.

The book is written through the eyes of two long-term Wolf Park staff members who spent a lot of time dealing with wolves, dogs, hybrids, and the people who meet and interact with them.  Besides being an in-depth look at wolf and dog genetics and behavior, and an investigation of how one animal can look like a lot of different animals when viewed by different people, the book is also filled with photos by Wolf Park’s own photographer, Monty Sloan.  Savvy Park fans will recognize a lot of Wolf Park’s wolves, as well as some of its staff!

Buy this book now through Wolf Park!

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