Mexican Wolf Reintroduction Updates – October 1-31, 2015

Mexican WolvesThe Arizona Game and Fish Department/USFWS has released October 2015 updates for the Mexican Gray Wolf Reintroduction Project.  Currently there are approximately 110 Mexican gray wolves in the wild, including 45 wolves with functional radio collars.  These collared wolves are dispersed among 21 packs and two single wolves.  Pup counts are continuing for 2015, but so far the Interagency Field Team (IFT) has counted 43 pups in 11 packs.

In Arizona, wolf f1443 was captured and collared, and M1394 was re-collared.  A diversionary food cache was set up for the Panther Creek Pack (F1339 and M1394) to reduce potential conflicts with livestock.  M1161’s collar has likely failed; he has not been sighted this month.

In New Mexico, F1444 and F923 of the Dark Canyon Pack were collared and re-collared, respectively.  Wolves were collared in the Lava Pack (M1285, F1295), the Prieto Pack (f1392) and the Luna Pack (M1285, F1295, newly collared m1398).  Diversionary food caches were maintained for the Lava Pack.

No wolf mortalities were documented during October, although m1350 in New Mexico was not located during October and is considered “fate unknown”.

There were two livestock depredation reports, one on the FAIR, one near Centerfire Creek in New Mexico.  Both involved cattle who were determined by the IFT to have been killed by wolves.

For the full report, including explanation of the wolf identification/numbering system, click here.  A map of the Mexican Wolf Experimental Population Area is available here, and a map of the 2014 Mexican wolf home ranges is here.

For past updates, click here.

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