Meet the 2012 Puppies!

Wolf Park is pleased to announce that Dharma, of the park’s main pack, has given birth to six puppies on April 6, 2012.  The pups’ lineage traces back to Wolf Park’s first female wolf, Cassie. With their birth the Wolf Park wolves’ bloodline has added a new generation. Like all our pups, these will be socialized to humans as well as to wolves; visitors will have opportunities to watch them grow up and become acquainted with their world this summer at Wolf Park.

Puppies at Wolf Park are taken out of the den when they are around 10 days old to undergo the socialization process. In order to fully socialize the puppies to humans, the pups have contact with humans 24 hours a day for the first 5 months or so of their lives, for a total of over 2,000 contact hours. For this reason, we have Puppy Mothers that live onsite to help raise the puppies. They work in shifts to provide 24-hour a day human contact. The puppies will also get to spend time socializing with wolves once they about 6 weeks old, so they learn how to be part of a pack as well.

Sponsor a Puppy!

Click here to adopt one of our newest arrivals!  Puppy sponsors will be able to visit their adopted puppy in person! When you schedule your appointment, we will let you know when the puppies tend to be most active, but we cannot guarantee that they will be awake. (Please note that we have very strict guidelines for puppy visits. We do not wake up sleeping puppies, so be aware that your visit may only include you watching your puppy sleep! Your visit may also have to be cut short based on the needs of the puppies or if we are conducting research.)

Puppy Sponsors receive all of the benefits of wolf sponsorship, including a yearlong subscription to our newsletter and updates on your sponsored animal. To see a full listing of benefits, click here.

Puppy Photo Shoots!

Monty Sloan, our world-renowned staff photographer, leads all of our puppy photo shoots. Click here to see examples of his puppy shots. Photo shoots run from 6 pm until either dark or the puppies get tired. Typically shoots last around 2 hours. Please note that we may need to cancel a puppy photo shoot if the puppies are not feeling well. Digestive issues are very common, and are the most frequent reason for having to cancel a shoot.

Availability for these special photography sessions is very limited. The cost of these shoots is $150 per person, with a 2-3 person maximum. To sign up, please call our administrative office at (765)567-2265.

Donate to the Puppies!

Puppies need a lot of care. Help us raise the puppies by purchasing items that they need in our online gift shop or by making a general donation towards their care today!

Name the Puppies!

You can help Wolf Park name the puppies! Send an email with your suggestions (maximum of 5 names per person, please) to The top names will be chosen by our staff. The final vote will be up to you! The names with the most votes will win and become the names of the new puppies. In May, the public will be invited to vote for the top names, so check back soon!

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