Kirsten Pecoraro Supports Wolf Park with “Welcome Back Wolf”

RTEmagicC_zeitnah-album.jpgEach year, German pop singer Kirsten Pecoraro chooses a charity to support from proceeds from a song.  This year, she is supporting EURONATUR (Germany), Wolve-Science Center (Austria) and Wolf Park (United States).

Kirsten loves wolves, which is why she wanted to support them.  “Welcome Back Wolf” is a song from her new album Zeitnah, which was released in June 2013.

The song is about the misunderstandings people have about wolves, and that now is the time to say “welcome back” and improve the relationship between wolves and humans.

Pecoraro will donate 50% of each download of the song to wolf organizations.  Donations will be based on the country of download, so proceeds from US downloads will benefit Wolf Park.  For more information, visit

“Welcome Back Wolf” can be downloaded on Amazon:

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