Join Us For Tipping Point THIS THURSDAY, August 16!

Update: New Guest Speaker!

Join us at 5:30 pm this Thursday, August 16th, for a great chance to meet Gabriel Grant, CEO of Human Partners and cofounder of the Byron Fellowship Educational Foundation!

Think about the last time you tried to talk with someone about political, social, or environmental issues who didn’t already agree with you. How well did it go? You may be passionate about your cause, but ultimately success depends on your ability to communicate and inspire others. Within this short workshop, you will take on transforming one stuck conversation for yourself and learn how to create clear-cut and actionable pathways for hard conversations that effectively share what you most care about.

Gabriel Grant’s life is in service of creating a world where all life flourishes together through people experiencing their life as a calling. His work supports organizations in crafting cultures of purpose, trust, and engagement by aligning the pursuits of personal, organizational, and planetary flourishing. Over the past fifteen years, he has provided training for more than one thousand purpose-driven leaders and world-class change agents, including social entrepreneurs from more than 20 countries and sustainability directors and vice presidents from more than 150 major brands. He is the CEO of Human Partners and cofounder of the Byron Fellowship Educational Foundation and has authored several books and peer reviewed research papers on the topics of sustainability and expressing purpose in one’s life and in the workplace.

Gates open at 5:30, and the talk begins at 6 pm.  There will be time for Q&A following the presentation!  As always, nonalcoholic beverages, and beer, will be sold by People’s Brewing Company of Lafayette.

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