It Might Be Spring

 “March comes in like a lion, out like a lamb”, goes the old saying. But in the mid-west, it’s hard to know what the weather will do day-to-day, and even hour-to-hour. We’ve seen it all this spring – from flowers to snow showers. The wolves tell us they’d be happy if it stayed below freezing forever and always, but the rest of us would like to know if we can put away the shovels yet.

Spring means the wolves are calming down after the intensity of breeding season. This means we can resume letting Timber have play dates with the boys. We think she was happy to see Wotan.

The Easter Party occurred the week before Easter. Despite intense winds and threatening snow, visitors still came out to hunt for eggs and hide treats for the wolves. The pups had their first Easter, and definitely enjoyed the search. This holiday really belongs to the foxes, though. They LOVE eggs.

The weather warmed up for a few days after that. And then along came Easter Sunday. It snowed four inches. April Fools?

The weather is appreciated by wolves and photographers, of course. It’s hard to convince staff photographer, Monty Sloan, to leave the enclosure so the rest of us can warm up. Spring photo shoots are in full swing. Mostly they go well. And then there are the other times when the puppies steal someone’s hat.

Not a behavior we want to encourage, but they looked very cute destroying it.

Admittedly, Khewa looks cute forever and always.

Upcoming Events
April 20 – Wolf Park Day – Open 1-4pm
April 20 – Cookout Howl Night – 6 – 9:00pm
April 21 – Animals’ Birthday Party
May 5 – Walk for Wolves!

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