Howl Night Was Quite A Party

by Lauren Sutton, practicum

As with any awesome party, it took a while for things to really get going on July 8th’s Howl Night. The first two attempts to get the wolves to howl got little more than a half-hearted solo howl. Then when staff members entered the enclosure, the main pack decided the guest list for this party wasn’t cool enough for them, so they high-tailed it out of there.

Luckily the staff brought a pretty awesome dish to the event – an old pizza box with some special treats hidden inside. This caught the wolves’ attention, and with promises from Monty that the party wasn’t going to be lame, the wolves rushed back on over to the bleacher side of their enclosure.

Dharma was first back on the scene, and she spotted that pizza box in an instant. Wolfgang was right behind her, though, so she had to be quick. After leaping onto the far log and grabbing the box, she dived back into the bushes to escape her following pack mates.

And the game of chase began. Wotan and Kailani helped Wolfgang chase Dharma all over the front part of the main enclosure, almost catching her at one point, but the yearling was too quick for all of them.

And where was Ruedi in all this excitement? He was stealing the mic away from Alastair to try his hand at karaoke!

By the end of the program the pack came together again for one final howl saying goodbye to all the guests at the Howl Night party.

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