Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Wolf Park! We are thankful this year for the continued healthy recovery of cancer survivor Renki, the amazing donations we’ve received toward the building of a recovery pen and improved fox enclosure; the arrival of new resident Timber, and the wonderful support we’ve received from our community, both locally and abroad. Thank you all and Happy Thanksgiving!


Wolfgang guarding Timber. Photo by Dana Drenzek

Three’s a Crowd
Wolfgang and Wotan have had two joint play dates with Timber. Three is a crowd when it comes to dating, and Wotan and Wolfgang are having trouble remembering their brotherly bond when a woman gets between them. The brothers spend these dates flagging their tails and growling at one another, while Timber provokes both by riding on their backs, flirting, and being a generally obnoxious two year old. The brothers try and guard Timber from one another, but she won’t hold still long enough to be guarded. Timber is a busy bee who would rather be exploring or playing than sitting quietly while the boys debate who gets the girl. Fortunately, because she is so lively, neither boy really wants her for very long, and they’re both happy to take a break and let the other brother deal with miss young and exuberant.

Timber also continues to have the occasional play date with Renki. Although she’ll bounce all over Wotan and Wolfgang, she is much more careful not to knock Renki around too much. He seems to like visiting her in small doses.

Timber will not be able to live with the brothers full-time because she is young, they are old, and she would break them. We are glad to give her many play date opportunities with them. Maybe it’ll lead to something special come breeding season…

Giving Tuesday
Taking care of the residents of Wolf Park and improving the facility takes time, effort and funds. Join us for Giving Tuesday to help provide care for the animals this winter season. Donations will be channeled toward feeding the animals, providing their vaccinations and improving enclosures.givingtuesdayposter


What’s Happening Elsewhere?
Here’s some cool information about Urban Coyotes.

A prat-falling fox won this year’s Comedy Wildlife Photography Competition. Check out some hilarious photos here.


Coming Events at Wolf Park
11/26 Turkey Toss. Help the wolves celebrate Thanksgiving by tossing them their turkey dinners. Delivery begins at 2pm.
12/1 Closed Season Begins. Wolf Park will be open Saturday evenings for Howl Nights and one Saturday afternoon a month until April. Check out our Calendar of Events for our open days.
12/17 Santa visits! Celebrate the holidays at Wolf Park. Help decorate Christmas Trees for the wolves, meet Santa and enjoy the chilly season. Open 1-4. Present delivery begins at 1:30.

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