Growing Up

DJ and Máni. Photo by Monty Sloan

The Twiglets’ facial markings are starting to emerge. They are developing white and black patches which will soon grow more distinct. Cypress looks as though he’ll have very striking markings.

Anya contemplates the great outdoors. Photo by Bronwyn Chidzey

Energy levels and coordination continue to improve. The pups play A LOT. They’ve started to run ‘zoomies’ around the nursery in their enthusiasm. They eagerly climb on their human visitors and chew on everything. Right now it’s cute, but we’re trying not to encourage behaviors which won’t be cute when they’re large.

The weather continues to be cold and rainy so the puppies have had few chances to go outside. Today, Máni, Anya and Aspen went out during a break in the weather. Everyone is doing better outdoors but we’ll need warmth and sun before the puppies really want to explore.

The pups take daily car rides and they’re doing great. They ride in the backseat while their parents drive them to the coyote enclosure and back. The pups mostly sleep. Soon they’ll have the option of climbing in and out of the crate while they travel.

Sparrow nurses on a finger. Photo by Monty Sloan

The Mountaineers. Photo by Scott Allaire

The Mountain Pups are thirteen days old and still at the ‘slug stage’ of development. They eat, sleep and crawl a little. It took a day for them to catch up from the long car ride and get comfortable with their surroundings. They seek out a lot of cuddling opportunities.

The girl pup is eating a ton. She needs to have the bottle taken away or else she’ll just keep drinking. The boy is noisy while nursing.

The pups are much larger than the Twiglets at this age. It will be fascinating to watch the litters grow together.

Meanwhile, Monty got some photos of the youngest members of the bison herd.

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