Fox Songs

Fox curator Kimber heard Scarlette making a vocalization we’ve never heard a fox make before. We’re still researching what it means, but we think it has something to do with courtship. Scarlette was kind enough to repeat the sound for the camera.

Breeding season is underway, especially among the foxes. Joker pursues Scarlette incessantly. He’d like best if she stayed quietly in a hut where he can easily keep her in sight and by his side, but Scarlette has things to do and places to be. She wants to play with her human friends, not just with Joker. She and Joker spend time apart each day to give both a breather, and give Scarlette a chance at other companionship.

Gypsum and Hunter

Gypsum and Hunter. Photo by Kimber Hendrix

In the grey fox half of the enclosure, Gypsum and Hunter are exhibiting courtship behavior. They were both fully sterilized this year so there aren’t any of those hormones, but the behavior patterns are still there. Gypsum is being especially lovey this year, both with Hunter and with his human friends. He’s much calmer than in past years. He’s been able to go out on walks, much to his delight.

Gypsum on a walk

Gypsum explores the wider world. Photo by Kimber Hendrix

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