Fox Meets Frisbee


Scarlette on a kiddy car. Photo by Aoife Smeaton

Entertaining the park animals is important to their emotional well-being. Bored animals are stressed animals. We do our best to provide novel experiences for all our residents on a regular basis. This is especially true for the foxes who, if not given things to do, will find things to do.

How to entertain a fox? The grey foxes are big fans of scavenger hunts. We let our summer camp participants hide their daily food allowances all over the enclosure. Hunter is particularly good at hunting for eggs. Gypsum is particularly good at stealing eggs from her. They both enjoy hunting crickets in their sandbox.

The red foxes are fans of the trampoline. When we let them play with it, they’ll bounce and pounce on it for minutes at a time. That’s a long time for a fox! They also enjoy fresh-cut pine branches. They’ll sneak attack each other from within the branches, or hide beneath the rustling pile.


Scarlette on the trampoline. Photo by Scott Allaire

Our interns are always on the lookout for things foxes can explore. They’ve provided them with little tyke climbing toys, phone books, piñatas, egg crates, scents, plush toys and much more. We switch out objects in the enclosure regularly to keep things from becoming commonplace.

Joker has been very interested in throwing and chasing things lately so fox curator, Kimber, provided him with a Frisbee. Scarlette didn’t understand his fascination with the new toy, but that didn’t stop Joker from having a ball!

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