First Ever USFWS “Take” Permit For A Red Wolf Issued to Hyde County Landowner

First Ever USFWS “Take” Permit For A Red Wolf Issued to Hyde County Landowner

Farm owner Jett Ferebee has recently been granted by the USFWS the first known permit to kill a red wolf on his Tyrell County Farm.

After numerous complaints to the USFWS about having red wolves on his farm and receiving no relief…On Dec. 24, 2013, Jett Ferebee received a letter from the USFWS telling [him] that they had surveyed his farm looking for red wolves and had found none. With that in mind and not wanting to intentionally harm any red wolves, Ferebee hired a professional trapper to trap coyotes on his farm. In less than three weeks he’d caught 10 canine animals and, in each instance, he had the USFWS visit his farm and properly identify the animals.

The USFWS experts aided by Ferebee’s expert trapper had positively identified the trapped animals as five red wolves (one of these five was identified by the qualified trapper and released), one canid that was collared and couldn’t be identified on site, three identified hybrid red wolf/coyotes and one coyote.

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The USFWS then issued the take permit to the property’s landowners, stating that they are only able to issue such a permit after they “have abandoned efforts to capture the animal in question. Regarding the canids you have documented using your property since we removed wolves from your property on January 23, though we cannot confirm that the animal is a wolf and we have not attempted to capture it, we can state at this time given our other staffing commitments and lack of access to actively trap on the property that we are foreclosed from pursuing the animal on your property and in that sense must abandon efforts to capture and relocate the animal ourselves. Therefore, pursuant to the Service’s regulation at 50 C.F.R. 17.84, you and your agents (e.g., co-owners of the property James R. Prewitt and Daniel H. Woody) are granted permission to take this animal (should it be a red wolf) by lethal means as long as the taking is in compliance with any other applicable Federal, State, and local regulations.”

Although Ferebee stated in a letter to the USFWS that he would prefer the animals be trapped and relocated instead, and that he hopes he does not have to use the permit, the standard has been set: Ferebee’s neighbors have heard about the take permit and have stated their intentions to obtain similar permits for themselves.

Please call the USFWS Southeast Region today to let them know you want the take permit canceled and no further take permits issued. Let them know that you oppose the take permit that has been issued and the issuance of any further take permits.

By phone:
Regional Director Cynthia Dohner 404-679-4000
Assistant Regional Director Leopoldo Miranda 404-679-4000

By email: (Regional Director, Southeast Region) (Assistant Regional Director, Southeast Region) (Director, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)

Twitter: @USFWSSoutheast
Facebook: USFWS Southeast Region

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