Fiestas and Frolics

Renki assaults a piñata. Photo by Monty Sloan

On Saturday we celebrated the birthdays of all the animals at Wolf Park in one celebration. Past parties have been celebrated with a variety of cakes and presents. This year we decided to try something different and made all the animals piñatas! This was enriching for the animals who had to figure out how to retrieve their treats from the trees. Some were swift about it – Bicho had his out of the tree before Kanti realized there were treats to be had. Others had more trouble – Renki couldn’t quite leap for his piñata, so he tore out the bottom and let the treats rain down. Twister had the best time. Willow wasn’t interested in the piñatas so he managed two!

Wolfgang is determined! Photo by Monty Sloan 

Special thanks to Payless Grocery for donating a cake for human consumption.

Cypress and DJ. Photo by Scott Allaire

Intrepid Máni explorer. Photo by Scott Allaire

The weather is finally improving and the Twiglets are outside more often. They’re getting to enjoy the outside world. Anya will paw at the door to ask to be let into the yard. Cypress was the first to pass through the cement airlock and into the grassy enclosure. Aspen followed him and didn’t know what to do when he found himself on strange turf. Cypress had no concerns. Now all five pups have decided the great outdoors is great and are happy to play outside whenever the rain and wind lets up long enough for them to make it out the door.

Keeping growing puppies engaged indoors has involved a lot of new novelty devices in the nursery. The pups now have a wading pool filled with branches, a ramp and slide, and lots of toys. Here’s Cypress playing with their favorite – an angry bird.

In the other nursery, the mountain pups have their eyes open. They’re growing steadily and changing every day.

Bronwyn nursing the male mountain pup.

We’ll have big updates on the puppies and their adventures tomorrow so stay tuned!

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